Using our configuration software, each control system can be individually configured for:

  • Room/System name
  • Control processor type
  • Number and type of user interfaces
  • AV matrix switcher model plus input and output cards if applicable
  • Source name & type (PC, Laptop, Document Camera, Presenter etc), control options and matrix input
  • Display output name, type, control options and matrix output
  • Audio DSP type and control options
  • Number of microphones, DSP input and control/ feedback options
  • Video conferencing control options, matrix inputs and outputs
  • Lighting area name, number of presets and automated lighting options
  • Lecture Capture control options, matrix inputs and outputs
  • Room occupancy sensors
  • Fire/Evac inputs
  • Automated shutdown events
  • Remote monitoring servers
  • Customised Properties and Events



Each system is using the same user interface and software so users become familiar not only with the graphical elements of the system, but with system functionality making the systems easier to use with trusted predictable results. The user experience with complex systems are achieved seamlessly, aiding the ability to display quality content-rich presentations and lectures without having to worry about what's going on in the background. Systems can now be easily documented with reference guides for users showing any additional configured elements if required.

  • Simple to Use
  • Consistent User Interface
  • Documented User Guides


As systems are configured rather than programmed, this allows for quick and efficient deployment and commissioning of systems. Configurations can be saved and deployed to same system types with small configuration changes rather than a new program to be maintained. Deployment is a process which can be followed by staff/ integrators with limited technical ability, don’t need to be a programmer to configure a system.

  • Easy to Deploy
  • Easy to Commission
  • Easy to Configure


Configured is feature rich allowing for numerous application scenarios. Also, a system can be altered for a one off application, function or event such as additional temporary displays or sources; then reverting the configuration to normal use when done.

  • Feature Rich
  • Customise for One-off Events


Configured has been deployed in numerous environments with hundreds of configurations. Control Gadgets is a professional trusted company with years of experience capable of delivering and understanding system requirments.

  • Trusted
  • Experienced

Reduced Costs

The initial software development is tested with numerous products and scenarios then allowing for multiple deployments of tested system. Known working functionality only required basic testing reducing the commissioning time of future systems. Service work for small changes or updates such as to swap a faulty projector for a different brand or control type is easily accommodated by reconfiguring the system to cater for the replacement projector. In addition, system spares is greatly reduced by not having to cater for existing equipment and only the latest supported models need to be stocked.

  • Shared cost of ownership
  • Less time testing
  • Less support issues
  • Less specification

Maintainable & Supportable

As the requirement for new functionality or devices is presented, Configured can be added to and then deployed to all systems easily without the need to reprogram numerous systems. As all systems operate identically, technical support issues become less prevalent and easier rectify with reduced fault diagnosis and tech support response times.

  • Faster fault diagnosis
  • Easy Fleet-wide System Upgrades

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