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Our combined knowledge allows us to offer a much higher level of Expertise Five full time programmers with over 70 years of combined industry experience

About Us

Control Gadgets is a Technical resource and software engineering house. Nationwide service and support.

We specialise in control system programming and software solutions for an array of different applications. From large complex projects to small one-off applications.

Our Enterprise AV Systems allow identical software deployment to all controlled spaces, encompassing vastly diverse room types. From small meeting rooms to large immersive lecture theatres. Our Standard Platforms allow the integrator or end user to setup and deploy a space based on their own specific requirements.

We provide our services to many of the highest regarded integration companies in Australia and abroad. We have major involvement in some of the largest commercial and residential integration projects.

Crestron Certified Master Programmer - Silver

Congratulations to Control Gadgets' Adam Banks and Jean-Philippe Pouliot on achieving the level of Silver Crestron Certified Master Programmer!

"By participating in three Masters Conferences and successfully demonstrating competency in the Silver level exam, you have advanced to the next level of certification and joined a special, elite group in our industry. Quite simply, Crestron Master Programmers represent the best of the best." Randy Klein, Crestron CEO

Control Gadgets proudly integrated our Configured Standard Platform into The University of Newcastle's recently completed magnificent NeW Space building, providing a standard single code-set solution for all student pods, meeting & teaching spaces and immersive & interactive theatres.

Case Studies

Crestron: Australian Catholic University

Link to the case study on www.crestron.com

Develop a standardised framework that enables students and teachers to seamlessly use technology

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public not-for-profit institution that aims to empower its students to think critically and ethically, and gain skills to bring about change in their communities, professions and industries. Australian Catholic University has seven campuses around Australia. Campuses are located in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Strathfield, Ballarat, Adelaide and Melbourne

According to ACU’s National AV Manager, Leslie Forrest, the university was growing rapidly, and as a result, required a solution that could integrate the extensive network of AV technology, while also allowing for growth.

"ACU worked closely with a variety of partners, including Control Gadgets, to design a solution that delivered a consistent user interface to the whole fleet."

"We worked closely with Control Gadgets to design and develop an ACU Configurable Crestron set for all of the university’s AV standards to deliver a consistent framework"

Case Study PDF (2.62 MB)

Crestron: University of Sunshine Coast

Link to the case study on www.crestron.com

Design technology-enabled, collaborative learning and simulation spaces that are highly engaging and interactive to enhance student experiences and education.

Public university founded in 1994 on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, offering 12,000 students a high quality educational experience with a focus on practical learning. Students benefit from a relaxed and supportive campus environment, with access to highly qualified teaching staff, as well as modern technology and facilities across all four of its campuses.

"Crestron worked with multiple partners to deliver an award winning solution. Specialists in control system programming, Control Gadgets, were heavily involved in the project configuration.. "

Case Study PDF (2.22 MB)